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Business Growth Programme

How can you make a difference to the business you are running?

We recognise that running a business is tough and as it grows, the challenges that you face as a business leader only increases.

It can be lonely, frustrating and confusing and sometimes you need to hold your hands up and ask for support.

This programme aims to do that. By meeting on a monthly basis, we will look at the key components of your business, look for quick ways to improve them and ultimately increase it's overall value. 

Each  module within this nine module  programme takes place on a monthly basis to give you time to take action and implement the solutions we come up with

  • To kick off we conduct a Business Health Check - this is done to understand your current business and your challenges.
  • We then focus on you to understand your own personal goals and objectives in relation to the business.

Depending on the findings of the Business Health check, we will then prioritise each of the following areas to focus on: 

  • Sales
  • Costs
  • Process/ People

Once we have completed one area and reviewed your progress in each, we will then move onto the next until all three are covered.


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